The Bombay Canteen, Mumbai #1 On Top Restaurant Awards 2018 List

The Bombay Canteen, Mumbai #1 On Top Restaurant Awards 2018 List

Jan 26, 2021Niketa Mohan

The thing about modern India is that it refuses to be put into a box. And that’s the thing about the food at The Bombay Canteen as well. Young and fun, yet rooted in culinary traditions that span the length and breadth of this country, with all its varied topographies and cultures and histories, the Canteen experience is a party as well as a bit of a history lesson. Be it the seasonally changing menu (the Eggs Kejriwal Toast and arbi tuk are perennial favourites, but try the pork seekh kababs and the Canteen haleem this winter) or the cocktail books inspired by Mumbai’s Art Deco architecture and cinematic history, the restaurant is known to change things up. What doesn’t change, though, is the quality of what’s on your plate, and the warmth with which it is presented to you. The service deserves a special shoutout – waitstaff here are warm and friendly, they really know the menu, and they will remember what you liked and didn’t the next time you visit. Because you will visit another time.

Himalayan Raw & Fine Element: “One of our favourite vegetable discoveries this year is karanda. Also called vine potato or air potato, it grows along the Konkan belt of Maharashtra.

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