The Canteen Story

The Bombay Canteen, a place where the vibrant spirit of India comes alive! Our core philosophy is simple: celebrate and showcase the diverse cuisine of India without borders.

We are passionate about telling the untold story of Indian cuisine. With a fun and playful approach, we'll bring you closer to your roots, filling your heart and stomach with the Bombay charm!

The Canteen Food

A perfect blend of fun, familiarity, and innovation, we reimagine traditional recipes, infusing them with seasonal ingredients using modern techniques. Our chefs take India’s culinary traditions and marry them expertly with familiar flavours that will instantly resonate with you and make you smile.

Each dish holds a rich story, and we're eager to share these tales, one plate at a time.

Make Mine A Bombay

Just like our food, our cocktail program is crafted with care and creativity, featuring unique ingredients and flavor combinations. Every edition of our bar menu is thoughtfully designed to bring Bombay’s untold stories to life, giving you a taste of the city's vibrant culture. Elevate your experience with every sip, and let the spirit of India dance on your taste buds.

Introducing our 5th Canteen Cocktail Book - ‘Make Mine A Bombay’, that captures the spirit of Bombay through liquor-tinted glasses!