The Homecoming Daawat

After two years of a delivery only Daawat, we're thrilled to go back to the dine-in Daawat where you get to eat, serve and celebrate our Independence + a good cause at The Bombay Canteen. 

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The Return of the Peru Cart

About the same time last year, Perry Road Peru ushered in the era of bottled cocktails and took the city of Bombay by storm.

Cornered by Peru fanatics and overwhelmed by a never-ending sea of requests from cities all over, we decided to get-together with our friends at Stranger & Sons once again to make the most of the season’s last harvest out of Bandra’s famed Peru cart!

After spreading a whole lot of tipsy glee in Bombay last year, we are bringing back the legendary peru cart and it’s delicious boozy derivative one more time but with the intent to share!


About Perry Road Peru

The first of its kind distilled cocktail in India, Perry Road Peru goes beyond the customary tipple, tipping a cartload of guavas into a still full of gin. 
Handpicked and peeled at their peak, ripe perus are slowly macerated for 6 hours and then distilled for another 18—till every drop is flush with freshness. 

The result? A single-batch, limited edition cocktail that’s balanced in flavour and flamboyant in hue.

Wonder what it tastes like?

Fresh, balanced and luscious, Perry Road Peru lingers on the palate long enough to take you back to perus of days past. With an intoxicating aroma and a ripe, robust flavour, it is the perfect union of the potent peru and the 9 Indian botanicals in Stranger & Sons gin.

And in typical Bombay fashion, our limited edition cocktail comes with a generous pinch of chilli-salt mix.

In Cahoots with Stranger & Sons

From a shared love for cocktails and big love for Bombay, comes India’s first collaboration between a gin brand and a restaurant!

For The Bombay Canteen, this cocktail is an expression of our love for local and seasonal and a celebration of our city. 

For Stranger & Sons, it’s an opportunity to grow the country’s cocktail culture and introduce India’s gin enthusiasts to something exciting, innovative and entirely new. In each other, two India-proud enterprises, we found the perfect partners for an unexpected, head-turning and thirst-quenching endeavour.  

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