Canteen Cocktail Takeover by Employees Only

Canteen Cocktail Takeover by Employees Only

Feb 01, 2021Niketa Mohan

Join us for a night full of world-famous cocktails and a lot more at our first ever pop-up bar! The Bombay Canteen’s friends at Employees Only Hong Kong, the outpost of the New York institution Employees Only currently ranked 37th on The World’s Best Bars list, are taking over our bar and we would love for you to meet them on 14th March, 8pm onwards!

Cocktail power duo Owen Gibler and Jameel Frith, who head up Employees Only Hong Kong, will serve the iconic bar’s signature tipples during our first friendly Canteen Cocktail Takeover. New York’s cocktail hotspot Employees Only is an old world speakeasy with branches across the globe. The institution has a regular spot on the World’s 50 Best Bars list and now you can get a taste of their concoctions for one night only at The Bombay Canteen. And you know it’s a special night when we bring out the saxophones to add some groovy jazz tunes with Ryan Sadri & Uri. Limited Tables. Call 022-49666666 to reserve a table or just come and join us at the bar!

Meet the Employees Only Crew: Owen Gibler Owen Gibler was born in Texas, USA. While working through college at a bar at Indiana University, Owen moved to Chicago to further pursue bartending. After working his way into cocktails, he ran his first cocktail program at Maude’s Liquor Bar in 2009. In 2010, he went to work at the James Beard Award-winning bar, The Violet Hour. The success of the Violet Hour led Owen to move to New York City to open their sister bar, Pouring Ribbons.

He achieved head bartender within a year and kept the position for four years until he was recruited to move to Singapore to be part of the opening team of Employees Only’s second outpost. Currently, he spearheads Employees Only Hong Kong as Beverage Director and Principal Bartender, and lead Employees Only’s signature “apprentice program”, which cultivates trains, and mentors young locals who desire a future as a coveted Employees Only Principal Bartender. Crowned “Best New Cocktail Bar” at the 2017 Bar Awards Hong Kong, EOHK aims to transport the brand’s beloved nightlife experience, suited to local tastes. Jameel Frith Jameel Frith is a native NewYorker, born and bred in the Bronx.

Adverse to the idea of a 9 to 5, Jameel immersed himself into nightlife. He began his career as a doorman for a number of bars and clubs. In 2007 he found himself on the opening staff of a cocktail dive bar called the Rusty Knot. It was there that he formed the relationships that would connect him to F&B for the next decade. In 2012 he made the decision to get behind the stick permanently and began working for Sam Anderson's agave forward beverage program at Pod 39 Salvation Taco. He worked his way up and in 2014 accepted the position of head bartender. He later kept that position with Anderson at Danny Bowein's Mission Chinese Food. In 2017 he accepted an opportunity to head east and be a part of Employees Only Hong Kong Location.


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