5th Independence Day Daawat – Good Food For A Good Cause!

5th Independence Day Daawat – Good Food For A Good Cause!

Jan 26, 2021Niketa Mohan

Since 2019, The Bombay Canteen and the Naandi Foundation have joined hands to support farmers in the Araku Valley of Andhra Pradesh. Farmers are an integral part of the food system, but are seldom given the recognition they deserve. While we enjoy our meals with fully decked tables, it is important to honour and remember the farmers who make these meals possible.

This year, we aim to raise funds to help our farmers in the Cheduputtu village of Andhra Pradesh plant more trees. Higher rates of intercropping help farmers diversify their yield. This diversification allows farmers to decrease dependency on a single crop and thus, helps create more stable income sources for them. By supporting tree planting and intercropping, we are ensuring our farmers are more self-sufficient and secure. Furthermore, this also helps reinvigorate the older system of functional farming that is now diminishing.

Where your donations will go?

Under the guidance of Naandi Foundation and Bombay Canteen’s agro-forestry program, Cheduputtu village in the Araku Valley is now growing 22 diverse varieties of trees. Each farmer family has been given 410 saplings and 1 acre of land as part of the initiative. Your donations will ensure the sustainability of this program.

The beauty of the Araku Valley showcases nature at its best but the state of acute poverty and lack of nutrition in the farmer families often goes unnoticed. Bombay Canteen and Naandi Foundation join hands to supplement tribal farmers of Araku region.

Originally world famous for growing Araku Coffee, 7 model farmer families are now growing diverse fruit and farm orchards for added income and more importantly, nutritional security. The Independence Day Daawat initiative helps Naandi Foundation provide year around nutrition support to Adivasi farmer families in Araku Valley.

Youth across India refrain from taking up farming due to an unstable future. Young farmers like Pangi Ramesh who is one of the farmers chosen for the Daawat project, constantly motivate the youth in the village to take up farming. Your proceeds help restore the faith of the youth of the village to take up farming as an occupation through many effective training programs teaching them the best possible ways of smart farming.

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