About Us

The Bombay Canteen is a restaurant and bar that is Indian at heart. It was born out of the desire to showcase the wealth of our country’s cuisine. We recreate local, seasonal dishes and reinterpret age-old Indian culinary traditions with our frequently changing seasonal menus. It is a celebration of everything that we love about India - its food, its culture and of course the people!

Located in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, it is the perfect place to toast the old times and celebrate the new. The kitchen presents the classic yet unexplored charm of India’s diverse regions, marrying them expertly with familiar flavours! And the bar, a great place to hang out at The Bombay Canteen, has a unique selection of reimagined classic cocktails with firm Indian roots. Each dish and drink has a story to tell, promising you an exciting journey on a plate (and in a glass)!