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Sour, Spice & all things nice! - Sour Chilli Vinegar

Rs. 100

Flavour Notes

A tinge of tangy spice!


As a child (and perhaps even as an adult), Chef Hussain’s eyes would widen as he watched chefs at Tibb’s Frankie’s complete their rolls with dollops of chaat masala and quick sprays of chilli vinegar. These small condiments are such important components of India’s culinary culture. We always crave that extra burst of spicy acidity. Inspired by this key part of our culture, Chef Hussain has created a chili vinegar to Indian eaters exactly what they crave!


  • Chef Hussain uses fresh Indian red or green chilies. You can use any kind. Each chilli will give you slightly different flavour.
  • Slice 1 kg of fresh chillies
  • Add 20gms of salt to the chillies
  • Heat 2.5 litres of synthetic vinegar and then pour it over the chillies
  • Let it steep for as long as you like
  • Strain it

Note: The process of reverse osmosis caused by the salt helps the chillies’ juices seep out into the vinegar. The mixture gives us a delicious blend of chilli vinegar. You can keep the pickled chillies and amp up other dishes with them too!

The Bombay Canteen uses this for

The Bombay Canteen uses chilli vinegar to make chilli butter. We top off the Safed dal with the chilli butter. The dal is heavy and requires a tinge of acidity which lime could not provide because cooking with it would turn the dal bitter. The chilli butter, added to the top of the concoction right as the dish leaves the kitchen, melts on the surface of the dal just before it reaches the guest’s table, and balances the dish perfectly!

You can use this for

Sauces, vinegar, salads, and curries – replace regular vinegar with this delicious chilli one!