Remembering Chef Floyd Cardoz

To the man who lived large and proud, who ate each meal planning his next, who carried with him his proud Goan Bandra heritage and his mama’s recipes in his heart & on his sleeve.
To the chef who has been the biggest cheerleader and pioneer of Indian cuisine, changing how the world perceived our bountiful culinary heritage. 
To the mentor who shaped, moulded and enriched the lives of so many chefs & aspiring restaurateurs with his culinary lineage and experiences.
To the most wonderful friend & father, philanthropist & guide.

Chef Floyd Cardoz

1960 - 2020

About Chef Floyd Cardoz


Floyd Cardoz, the celebrated chef and winner of Top Chef Masters, brought his signature mark to the food at The Bombay Canteen with a menu, which highlights seasonal produce and flavourful cooking. Chef Floyd Cardoz grew up in Bandra and attended culinary school in Bombay.


An opportunity to work under Chef Gray Kunz led Cardoz to New York City, where he rose from chef de partie to chef de cuisine in five years. Over the next two decades, Chef Cardoz helmed several establishments that celebrated his “New Indian cuisine,” of which one was the famous Indian restaurant “Tabla”. He is a four-time James Beard Award nominee and the recipient of the first-ever “Humanitarian of the Year Award'' from Food TV. Cardoz is the author of Flavorwalla which was published by Artisan and One Spice Two Spice which was published by Harper Collins. He was the Chef/Managing Partner of “The Bombay Bread Bar”, a new restaurant in New York City.


Chef Floyd Cardoz was a pioneer of change. His contribution to the global culinary landscape and efforts towards changing the perspectives of Indian cuisine is timeless and one that will span generations to come. His contributions were however not just limited to food. Chef Floyd believed that the way to evolve as a chef and a human being was to constantly and consistently help, inspire, mould, guide and listen to those around him.

Whether it was the innumerable budding chefs and restaurateurs he worked with closely and who looked up to him, food critics and learned patrons in the F&B industry, or even his close friends and family who benefitted deeply through his humble and gentle mentorship, his simple words of wisdom and every day teachings touched countless lives. Inspired by Chef Floyd's life and to commemorate his love for mentorship and teaching, our partnership with the Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration (WGSHA), Manipal is the first stepping stone that Hunger Inc has taken to carry his legacy forward.


Chef Floyd always believed that the one thing that determined the outcome of your curry was the spice blend added and well a good spice blend always resulted in a delicious well balanced curry.

His face always lit up around his box of spices and strolling through spice markets always brought out his best stories .

In the year 2019, Chef Floyd with US based spice company Burlap & Barrel that partners directly from small holder farmers across 14 countries conceived a collaboration of spice blends to share his love and passion of India’s diversity with the rest of the world.

As an ode to Chef’s 60th birthday, his wife & business partner Barkha Cardoz gave his dreams wings . She has been the driving force to continue this loved project.

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