Thank you! Only best times await at O Pedro.

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Call 022-49666666 and ask for a table. It’s that aasaan!

We open for lunch at noon and you can reserve a table anytime between 12:00 pm to 3:30 pm. For dinner, we take reservations in two slots. The first one is at 7:30pm/8pm and the second slot is at 10pm/10:30pm. Akhir mein, we wait for 15 minutes for any reservation and then let out the table to next one in line. It’s only fair!

We recommend reservations as they help us serve you better, though we keep a few tables available in case that wasn’t possible. So stop by, just give us your name and grab a drink at the bar - we’ll try to find you a table as fast as we can.

Pick up the phone, aur table book karo!

Bada Groups
For any booking which involves more than 15 guests, please email your request to reservations@thebombaycanteen.com or call us at 022-49666666 and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible!

Persons below the age of 18 years are permitted till 7pm only

why join us

The Bombay Canteen is run by a crew that is fun loving, energetic and passionate about making every guest leave with a BIG smile. We are always looking for interesting, hardworking, passionate and happy souls. Our khushi doubles when we get to know the person joining us also likes to celebrate Indian food and culture just like us.

We know that the restaurant industry is not an easy one. But that's where The Bombay Canteen culture kicks in - led by a young management team, we spend loads of time on making sure everyone has a great time working with us. Whether, it's the weekly experiments on staff meals, or the delicious birthday cakes we bake in-house, or the mad staff outings.

So if this sounds like a place for you, we welcome you to The Bombay Canteen Family with our arms wide open - where we teach, nurture, assist and love to see you grow!

Created by potrace 1.12, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2015


job openings

Senior Bartender

As a Senior Bartender with The Bombay Canteen, you will be the maker of fancy drinks, the speaker to many thirsty guests and the center of attention all night long (once you see our bar you’ll know why!).

As a senior on the team, you will also be leading your fellow bartenders and teaching them the tricks of the trade (we’ll help you with this of course).

For this 2+ years of experience is preferable.


A Captain at The Bombay Canteen makes a guest feel at home, a guest feel that he/she is being cared for and of course make the guest have a laugh or two as they eat and drink delicious things that our kitchen and bar work so hard making.

You will not only need to live and breathe the menu but make sure those on the team with you every day also know that.

Atleast 1+ year of experience as a Captain is a must for this position.


Our team of Stewards are who make The Bombay Canteen run, run like the wind! As part of this team, you will help our Captains & Bartenders make sure the guest is never without what he/she needs and at the same time making sure that the dining room is running smooooothly by being organized and efficient!

Atleast 1+ year of experience as a steward is preferable for this position.


As a Hostess with The Bombay Canteen, you will be an ambassador for the exceptional service and cuisine that are hallmarks of our dining experience. Your warm, personal attention provides a memorable first impression for guests in The Bombay Canteen Foyer, making them feel welcome and valued.

Guest Relations Executive

If you are on our GRE team, you speak to the guests even before you ever meet them. You make sure they feel cared for and get them really excited about coming to eat and drink at The Bombay Canteen. And once they walk in, you get them off to the best ever start so that the rest of the team can take over and continue wowing them!

Atleast 1+ year of experience as a steward is preferable for this position.

While we do prefer relevant experience in the particular position we are hiring for, if you feel you are passionate about a particular role and are the right person for it - talk to us and we’ll figure it out together!